A Collector's World of Laurel & Hardy
 This is a website dedicated to the comedy team, Laurel & Hardy. I've been a collector for about ten years and have watched Laurel and Hardy since I was 5 years of age. The website will include items such as: books, films, figures, antiques, magazines, photos, and many others. Please note that I do not consider myself an expert regarding the films/lives of both Stan and Babe but an avid collector who appreciates the humor, style, and comedic writing of an amazing comedy team. Most of the pages will open up in a new window so if you close the current window you will be back on the main menu page. When you enter the website, you will see an autographed photo of the boys which will list each individual page. At this time, there is only a few pages on the photo as the website has a long way to go!  Please check the "Updated News" page before entering the website; I will always post updates on the content provided. I hope you enjoy looking around! Goodbye! Goodbye! 



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